Shopping Mall

Innovative Waste Management in a Leading Shopping Mall

A Pioneering Approach to Sustainability in Retail Spaces

In a major project involving an unnamed but significant shopping mall, we addressed the critical issue of waste minimization and recycling. Given the diverse visitor demographic and high footfall, the mall produces considerable waste, particularly food waste from various outlets.

Strategic Focus on Food Waste Reduction and Efficient Disposal

Our primary objective was to manage and reduce food waste production efficiently. The successful implementation of this project led to several key benefits:

  1. Reduced Disposal Costs: Effective waste management strategies significantly lowered the expense associated with waste disposal.
  2. Enhanced Waste Minimization Practices: Adoption of advanced techniques for waste reduction contributed to the mall’s sustainable operations.
  3. Improved Business Efficiency: Streamlining waste handling processes led to more efficient operations within the mall.
  4. Elevated Corporate Image: Aligning with public environmental concerns, the mall enhanced its reputation as a responsible, eco-conscious business.

Tackling the Food Waste Challenge Across Multiple Outlets

The diversity of food outlets in the shopping mall, including restaurants, cafes, and food courts, presented a unique challenge. To address this, we developed comprehensive guides and programs for effective food waste management. This approach not only considered the complex logistics of waste collection throughout the mall but also enabled us to manage, measure, and monitor the food waste produced by multiple tenants. Our ability to quantify and analyze this data was crucial in tailoring specific waste reduction strategies for each outlet.

Placing Recycling at the Forefront

Recycling bins were strategically placed across the mall to facilitate easy and proper waste segregation.

To increase public awareness about effective waste management, we installed interactive display boards throughout the mall. These boards serve as educational tools, engaging visitors with vital information on sustainable practices. Additionally, comprehensive sustainability reports were prepared for the management to review with their teams. These reports not only assisted in enhancing operational processes but also played a key role in recognizing and rewarding team efforts towards achieving sustainability goals.

Efforts were made to alter staff behavior to minimize waste generation and encourage sustainable practices among mall visitors.

Outcome: A Model for Sustainable Waste Management in Retail

This shopping mall project stands as a testament to effective waste management in a retail environment, combining technology, strategic planning, and community involvement. The ORCA digester, in particular, played a vital role in enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of waste management practices in the shopping mall.


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