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We guide businesses in the UAE and the Middle East towards sustainability leadership. With tailored strategies and cutting-edge technologies, we help you save costs, lessen environmental impacts, and boost your reputation—making the sustainability journey hassle-free.

What We Stand For



At SOZO Consultants, we guide businesses in the UAE and the Middle East through the complexities of sustainability. With tailored solutions, we help you safeguard the environment, optimize costs, and elevate your reputation.


We see a future where businesses, empowered by SOZO Consultants, become pillars of sustainability, influencing both economies and environments positively.


At SOZO, we champion empowerment and innovation in sustainability. We’re here with you every step of the way, valuing collaboration, simplifying complex journeys, and ensuring you can trust in our guidance and partnership.

Our History

Born from the increasing demand for sustainable practices and the urgency to address rising energy costs, SOZO Consultants took the initiative to become more than just leaders in the industry. While our vision has always been to stand at the forefront of the region’s sustainability endeavors, our primary focus has always been our clients: the building owners, developers, managers, designers, contractors, and occupants. We are dedicated to creating spaces and strategies that fit well with the environment.

The world’s shouting “Climate Change” and we’re here to make it easy for you. At SOZO, it’s all about empowerment, clear solutions, and forward-thinking.

From the UAE to the broader Middle East, we have consistently set the benchmark in sustainability, offering holistic solutions powered by the latest in green technology. Our vision? Pioneering the sustainable movement and empowering everyone involved – from property giants to the person next door.

We aim to demystify sustainability. With us, it’s not about using complicated terms; it’s about providing actionable, clear-cut strategies that can be effortlessly integrated into your business.

By believing in the power of collaboration, we partner with leading industry experts to bring forward the most effective solutions and technologies to our clients. Waste? Let’s reduce, reuse, and recycle. Alongside Orca and other renowned partners, we’re pioneering the cutting-edge of waste management. It’s all about being efficient, green, and economically sensible.

Recognition for your sustainable efforts is paramount. We ensure that your green initiatives are acknowledged, and that they translate into tangible benefits and savings.

Education is our backbone. We ensure our team and partners are up-to-date, informed, and ready to make a difference.

SOZO is where simplicity meets sustainability. Our journey is full of achievements, but it’s better with you. Let’s work together to build a better future where everyone benefits. Take the next step towards a sustainable future. Reach out to SOZO now.

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