Four Point by Sheraton

Four Points by Sheraton: Pioneering Sustainability in the Marriott Family

Aligning with Marriott’s Net-Zero Ambition

Four Points by Sheraton, as a proud member of the Marriott International family, is committed to playing a pivotal role in Marriott’s ambitious goal to achieve net-zero emissions. In line with Marriott International’s announcement to go net-zero, Four Points by Sheraton is taking decisive steps towards sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Tackling the Global Food Waste Challenge

Recognizing the significant impact of food waste on the environment, economy, and society, Four Points by Sheraton is actively addressing this issue. This initiative goes beyond meeting brand standards; it’s about fostering a sustainable future in line with Marriott’s global sustainability goals.

Sheraton’s Dedication to Waste Reduction

In pursuit of Marriott’s commitment to reduce waste significantly by 2030, Four Points by Sheraton is implementing strategies that include waste prevention, recycling, and food upcycling. Utilizing advanced food waste reporting systems, the hotel is efficiently managing and minimizing its food waste streams.

Choosing the ORCA Biodigester for Sustainable Food Waste Management

The sustainability team at Four Points by Sheraton rigorously evaluated various food waste management solutions. The choice of SOZO’s ORCA biodigester was influenced by its cost-effectiveness, environmental benefits, and operational efficiency.

The positive experience of another Sheraton property with the ORCA biodigester reinforced the decision, aligning with Marriott’s broader sustainability strategy.

ORCA Biodigester: Advancing Marriott’s Net-Zero Mission

The ORCA biodigester serves as an on-premise solution for transforming food waste into waste water. Its capacity to handle large volumes of food waste daily and its cloud-based monitoring system exemplify technological innovation in waste management.

This initiative is a key component of Four Points by Sheraton’s strategy to support Marriott International’s net-zero mission.

Comprehensive Benefits of the ORCA Biodigester

  1. Cost Efficiency: Significant reduction in food waste management costs.
  2. Sustainability Alignment: Transformation of food waste into grey water reduces environmental impacts and supports Marriott’s net-zero objectives.
  3. Operational Efficiency: Streamlined Food and Beverage operations enhance guest service focus.
  4. Data-Driven Management: Real-time food waste tracking facilitates efficient waste handling.

Leading in Environmental Stewardship

The adoption of the ORCA biodigester by Four Points by Sheraton represents a substantial stride towards sustainable food waste management, resonating with Marriott International’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

This innovative approach not only reduces operational costs but also underscores Four Points by Sheraton’s dedication to Marriott’s net-zero ambition, setting an exemplary standard in the hospitality industry for integrating sustainable practices.


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