Al Nahda Development

  1. Waste Management Strategy in Master Planning: Located 40km southeast of Abu Dhabi, spanning 15M m2, the Al Nahda Development is more than a significant national housing endeavor. During the master planning stage, our company crafted a strategic waste collection and storage approach, prioritizing efficient segregation and on-site sorting in adherence to sustainability standards and local regulations. Beyond traditional green measures, the development embodies a holistic understanding of sustainability—integrating efficient systems, championing environmental respect, and cultivating a health-conscious, environmentally aware community. Through a unified effort with local authorities and the Al Nahda Development Committee, an extensive area is dedicated to ensuring sustainability compliance, underscoring Al Nahda’s commitment to a greener, brighter future.

Key Sustainable Features:

  1. Waste Segregation: Comprehensive categorization spanning dry recyclables, organic, residual, and hazardous waste.
  2. Advanced Collection: Inclusive waste strategy covering residences, commercial areas, mosques, and schools.
  3. Community Facilities: Strategically positioned bins reduce waste collection within walking distances.
  4. Civic Amenity Sites: Several sites efficiently cater to the residents, streamlining waste disposal.

Sustainability Highlights:

  1. On-Site Segregation: Enhancing recyclable quality by minimizing waste stream cross-mingling.
  2. Landscape Waste Strategy: Efficient management and recycling of organic waste from landscaping.
  3. Strategic Infrastructure: User-friendly, clearly labeled bins in line with local  specifications
  4. Sustainability & Environmental Compliance: Reflecting the commitment to sustainable waste management at every plot level.


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