Reem Mall

  1. : A Sustainable Retailing & Digital Experience Landmark: Located in the heart of new Abu Dhabi on Reem Island, the $1.2 billion Reem Mall spans 2.8 million square feet. More than just a retail hub, it represents the pinnacle of sustainability intertwined with cutting-edge digitalization. In collaboration with the construction team, we achieved the targeted Estidama rating, marrying advanced sustainable practices with digital excellence. This synergy elevates the shopping experience, setting a benchmark for future-forward, eco-conscious retail destinations.

Key Sustainable Features:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Walls, roofs, and glazing made of high-performance materials optimize energy consumption.
  2. Water Conservation: Implementation of energy-efficient irrigation systems and eco-appliances.
  3. Waste Management: Ambitious efforts in waste minimization and recycling strategies.
  4. Material Use: Focus on locally sourced materials and those with sustainability certifications.

Sustainability Highlights:

  1. Broad Vision: The entire project was steered with a dedication to setting a benchmark in sustainable mall construction.
  2. High-Performance Insulation: Prioritizing superior energy conservation techniques.
  3. Water-Smart Measures: Advanced methods ensuring minimized water use, going beyond the norms.
  4. Unified Commitment: The collaboration of every stakeholder, from builders to designers, aimed at the shared goal of sustainable construction.

Offer More Than Retail Therapy – Sustainable Digital Excellence:

  1. Omnichannel Ecosystem: The AI-powered platform offers a seamless blend of online and offline shopping, reducing redundant visits and conserving energy.
  2. Personalized Digital Experience: Augmented reality navigation ensures swift and direct pathways, conserving energy by minimizing time spent in the mall. Location-specific offers promote conscious buying, reducing potential waste.
  3. Digital Innovations: ‘Handsfree Shopping’ and digital payments reduce material waste. Gamified loyalty schemes encourage sustainable purchasing decisions, while intelligent parking minimizes vehicle emissions.
  4. Last-Mile Delivery: The mall promises efficient deliveries, optimizing fuel usage and reducing carbon emissions.


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