Mina Zayed Redevelopment

  1. Bridging Heritage and Sustainability, Fisherman’s Wharf: Mina Zayed, a hallmark of Abu Dhabi’s maritime heritage, is experiencing a transformative resurgence. In collaboration with Al Suweidi consultants, DMT, and Modon Properties, our contributions are centered around enhancing and reusing the existing space, echoing the sentiment that nothing is greener than breathing new life into a historic place. Our work synergizes the region’s rich history with forward-thinking sustainable principles, ensuring Mina Zayed’s legacy thrives in a sustainable future, targeting the 2 Pearl Rating under Estidama. True sustainability transcends the mere constructs of green buildings or energy efficiency. It encapsulates spaces that seamlessly weave the ancient with the contemporary, bolstering economic growth and underscoring the importance of community and cultural significance. By choosing to improve and repurpose, Mina Zayed becomes a testament to Abu Dhabi’s commitment to the environment and its rich heritage.

Sustainability Highlights:

  1. Preservation and Repurposing: Retaining historic structures like the fish market reduces waste and maintains identity.
  2. Cultural Value: Architectural conservation nurtures community pride and historic significance.
  3. Strategic Consolidation: Merging markets optimizes land use and possibly cuts transportation emissions.
  4. Economic Growth: The project backs local businesses and amplifies Mina Zayed’s tourist attraction.
  5. Adaptive Reuse: Revitalizing areas like Fisherman’s Wharf aligns with sustainable use.
  6. Flexibility: Seasonal markets offer adaptable spaces catering to evolving trends.
  7. Pedestrian Focus: Enhanced walkways encourage sustainable transport and community engagement, while shaded areas promote energy efficiency.
  8. Community Assurance: Business continuity during redevelopment ensures a seamless blend of progress and economy.
  9. Historical Integration: Honoring Mina Zayed’s legacy fosters cultural sustainability.


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