Midfield Terminal Abu Dhabi Airport

  1. Elevating Sustainable Aviation Infrastructure Positioned as the heart of Abu Dhabi’s aviation future, the Midfield Terminal is more than just an architectural marvel, covering an impressive 700,000m². As the sustainability construction consultants for specific packages, we played a crucial role in guiding the project towards its lofty sustainable objectives. Our collaboration with the wider team ensured the terminal not only met but set new benchmarks in sustainable aviation infrastructure. The essence of our role was to align the project’s vast scale with best-in-class sustainable practices.

Sustainability Highlights:

  1. Unprecedented Recognition: Achieving a 3 Pearl design rating from Estidama, the terminal sets a global record for the largest singular building with such a rating and is recognized as the highest-rated airport terminal in the GCC.
  2. Innovative Design: Incorporating angled high-performance glass, the terminal ensures optimal energy efficiency by reducing heat and enhancing air-conditioning performance.
  3. Water Conservation & Quality: Minimized water consumption with an emphasis on non-potable water for construction and focused on water reuse and runoff treatment.
  4. Ecological Protection: Safeguarded vegetation and wildlife, with cleared vegetation replaced and a focus on endangered species conservation.
  5. Sustainable Material Usage: Advocated for local materials to limit transport needs and encouraged waste reduction and recycling, including the use of FSC certified wood.
  6. Human Health & Safety: Ensured adherence to environmental health standards and rigorous management of hazardous materials.
  7. Community Engagement: Prioritized local employment, respected cultural sensitivities, and ensured construction worker housing met regional standards.
  8. Innovative Design: Achieved a 3 Pearl design rating from Estidama and incorporated high-performance glass for energy efficiency.
  9. Luxury & Comfort: Boasted expansive retail, dining options, and premium lounges for travelers.
  10. Eco-Conscious Construction: Emphasized waste diversion, resource-conscious material selection, and practices that minimized environmental impact.


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